We all hate it, or at least we usually consort with the type of people in our friend networks in whose company we are supposed to hate it: Valentine’s Day. Then again, sometimes we love it, because it’s just this different kind of holiday which you can even choose to cherish or ignore. 

Therefore sometimes social situations come up where you need to act out of line with what you truly believe and come up with a “romantic” gesture, a “kitschy” small present or the “spontaneous” idea to grab the most “flowery” drink at the perfect bar, located in the most scenic spot.

Are you stressed out now? Great, we were too, but then we came up with the masterplan of spending your Valentine’s Day in Vienna. This is the nothing-can-go-wrong-itinerary, carefully put together and curated by our team, getting input from the female and the male side on what is acceptably romantic.

The perfect gift and souvenirs (and where to get them!)


Yes, flowers – it seems a bit weird to suggest flowers in a “masterplan”, but they still do their job of conveying the romantic gesture. I am not talking about a huge bouquet of red roses, but rather a beautiful natural little bunch of spring-like flowers to demonstrate the – of course still blossoming phase of your relationship. Besides the lovely small florists scattered throughout Vienna, we found the hippest place: Doll’s. Located in Lange Gasse it should be easy to stop by real quick to get your fix of hip and cool flowers!


Yes, cupcakes. What will make you and your loved one happier than sugar and and red velvet flavored cream toppings? I’m not sure there is that much more to life after the first bite of my first lemon blueberry dough of baked-goods-heaven with white chocolate frosting and the most delicious raspberry sprinkle ever.
You have some options in Vienna to find the perfect cupcakes to express your feelings – Cupcakes Vienna with 3 locations spread out in the city and the Cupcakes Manufaktur.

Cupcakes Vienna - Red Velvet Cupcake

Cupcakes Vienna – Red Velvet Cupcake

The Valentine’s Day activity


So you got to make a whole event out of this super-special day? Wonderful, let’s hope it’s still cold enough to for you to kidnap your loved-one and bring her (or him!) into the a bit different world of… ice-skating! Ice-skating over Vienna’s rooftops is well-known to be the winter equivalent of having a picnic at the Donauinsel in summer. The Engelmann ice rink is easily reachable via U6 “Alser Straße” or Tram 43 Station “Palffygasse”. If you can even bring a thermos bottle full of hot tea, to warm up in between your romantic ice skating circles, this is a dead sure romance insider tip. If your sweetheart is a total beginner – even better: you can hold hands all the time while awkwardly sliding around the ice field!

Romantic places in and outside of the city center

Am Himmel

Where else would be the right place to watch a truly truly emotional sunset than right at the “heaven”? The trip out there counts for more than flowers and a normal cocktail at your favorite bar could ever do – this is one those “real” Valentine’s Day gestures. You can even think of the environment by getting there and avoid mood-destroying conversations about your driving behavior if you choose public transport – just take the U4 until “Heiligenstadt” and change to bus 38A. Hop off at the crossroads “Himmelstraße” and “Höhenstraße”, from where you can easily walk the last few meters to your very own Valentine’s Day heaven.

by Linda Nepicks

by Linda Nepicks

Leaving the downtown Vienna isn’t your thing?

There is always the possibility to visit one of Vienna’s hotspots, Restaurant Motto am Fluss, and dive right into the extensive wine and bar menu. With the beautiful view over the Danube Canal, which even looks nature-like peaceful at night, you can almost feel like sitting at in a Mediterranean place next to the open sea (after a few drinks, obviously).

If you want to seem absolutely up-to-date and on top of the hippest happenings, the Ströck Feierabend, a restaurant by the bakery chain “Ströck” opened just days ago in the 3rd district of Vienna and prides itself with delicious Austrian snacks, their home-made bread and a great selection of Austrian wines.

A dead-sure tip by our Co-Founders is also Bar & Kitch’n – Albergasse39, a great place with fascinating cocktail creations and delicious food, where you can end your romantic evening in the perfect atmosphere.

Viereck by Roland Seper

Viereck by Roland Seper

Then, if you enjoy delicious food and creative drinks, but feel uncomfortable when thinking of spending a whole dinner or drinks date with your lovely counterpart sitting opposite of each other and being forced to talk the whole evening, you can always reserve a seat at Viereck, Vienna’s first tablet restaurant. Here you are able to order everything on tablets, giving you a feeling of security as you feel like you’re holding an oversized version of your smartphone in your hand, and with the tablet being your menu and mode to call the waiter – this is even socially acceptable!

And last but not least: We all hate romance, and we all love romance. It’s 52 weeks until the next opportunity to really show your affection in this kind-of-pressured situation – so make the most out of it, and create your perfect Valentine’s Day masterplan! Oh, and share it with us, for inspiration during the other 364 days of the year 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day in Vienna and many <3s!