We are tracking down journi users from all over the world to feature them in our series of blog posts! Discover who the people behind those “journis” are, where they get their favorite coffee, where they roam around in their most loved cities and which travel memories they want to keep from their adventures. You want your “journi” to be featured? Awesome, let us know via carina@journiapp.com.

This week, we chatted with Laura Stromberger. Her profile reads: “Born and bread in Austria, designer, concrete jungle-stricken, novice astronomer with a thing for stones, nifty products and all things sparkly!” and her trip to Puglia: My Puglia Experience.


First of all: Where did you go?
I traveled across Puglia or Apulia – the heel of the italian boot.

For how long?
8 days – every day a different city or beach! 

Backpack or suitcase?
On this journey – both. 

Camping, Hostel, Hotel or your own Villa?
The best accommodation we had was a 3-storied building in the middle of the historic center of Locorotondo with rooftop terrace – it was just spectacular.

How did you get around?
Flew from Vienna to Bari. But I was traveling with a chartered bus mainly…

Always with you?
My iPhone (with an extra battery) and sunscreen.

Must-see you would return for?
The small intertwining alleys of Locorotondo and the white beaches of Salento.

Why return?
Hearty people, amazing food and beautiful landscapes, regardless whether the small white cities or the stunning nature.

Any DON’Ts at the destination?
No, seemingly no “don’ts” down there.

Best coffee?
I can’t really tell which was the best coffee, since there’s no bad coffee in Italy, but the best ‘Spritz’ and wine we got at Dino’s Bar in Locorotondo. 

Best ice cream?
Polignano a mare’s Il Super Mago Del Gelo – best granita I ever had, but fully packed.

Best lunch/dinner you’ve had there?
I am downplaying it, if I would say that the food was just amazing … I don’t have any words for it – heavenly might come close! But I think it was the breakfast at the Masseria (old italian farms) we stayed in. We got fresh, warm milk, freshly made cheeses and handpicked fruits like figs and plums, oven fresh bread… yummy! 

Most interesting person you’ve met?
Giuseppe Roma, an old artisan in his workshop, making handmade spoons for pasta out of old olive oil tree branches… talk about authentic souvenirs, ey?!  ;) 

A funny incident you wanna talk about?
Trying to get some gracefully underwater shots of me but ending up with squished weird faces and lots of sand in my swimsuit. 

Polignano a mare – pebble beach bay, lukewarm crystal-clear waters und bars by the sea.

Fell in love with…?
The lovely people from “My Puglia Experience” and all my co-travellers. <3 

Best city or town you visited on the go?
The Tremiti Islands with its old monastery of warrior monks and island-hopping with a boat.

The best thing you’ve learned on this trip?
You never drink alone in Italy!

Most often used journi category?
Haha I guess Food & Drinks! :) 

Where is your next adventure leading you to?
Wherever my feet carry me to… (on a less cheesy note though probably a weekend trip to Switzerland). 

Thank you Laura! Happy travels – we are looking forward to your next trip on journi!