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This week, we chatted with Daniel Rose. His profile reads: “Travel lover. Foodie. Citizen of the world.” He loves exploring new places, to off-the-beaten track and dive into adventures all over our beautiful planet – today we are looking at his amazing trip to Jordan: 3 Day Trip to Jordan.

Daniel Rose journi Jordan

First of all: Where did you go?
Wadi Rum Desert, Petra, Amman

For how long?
3 days. Way too Short!

Backpack or suitcase?
With a suitcase. Needless to say, a weekender would have been perfect for the trip!

Camping, Hostel, Hotel or your own Villa?
Villa! Just kidding. I stayed at the Mövenpick Resort Hotel in Petra. In Wadi Rum, we only stayed for the day, although Bait Ali Lodge looked really chilled. In Amman I stayed at my friend’s place.

How did you get around?
Hmmm, good question: We rented the car, the size of a shoe box. I don’t even know the make.

Always with you?
My iPhone to take pictures. And good music, we listened to Gramatik while driving through the desert.

Must-see you would return for?
The Monastery in Petra. Not to be confused with the Treasury!

Why return?
Landscapes are ridiculously picturesque. It feels like you are Lawrence of Arabia when you are in Wadi Rum. And I need to see the Dead Sea, which I did not have a chance to this time.

Any DON’Ts at the destination?
Do not pay anything before haggling. You will be charged literally twice to three times the price of a local.

Best coffee?
Books@Cafe in Amman. What a great place to hang out and see the sunset!

Best local specialty?
Definitely try sugar cane juice! It’s very sweet but for some reason tastes healthy. And apparently it’s very good for you.

Best lunch/dinner you’ve had there?
Hands down Hashem restaurant, a Turkish restaurant in the middle of old city in Amman. The people at the place don’t even look at you. They might as well spit in your food. But the hummus is out of this world and you really feel like you are part of the different world right there.

Most interesting person you’ve met?
My friend’s coworker came on the trip. He was the most amazing guide possible. He really introduced me to the Jordanian culture. Overall I got a really good, peaceful vibe from Jordanians. They are deeply rooted to their Bedouin ancestors and that’s how they interact.

A funny incident you wanna talk about?
We were at night in Petra looking for alcohol. It was the creepiest thing ever. We drove from one corner of the city to the next, asking locals where to find some. It was like asking for hard drugs. Then we finally found a place. It was a hole in the wall. The price for a beer was the same as at a rooftop bar in NYC.

There are a lot of cool places on rainbow street.

Fell in love with…?
The people. I love how everything is about “give and take”, about hospitality. Jordanians are very proud, too. Great story tellers.

Best city or town you visited on the go?
Petra should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

The best thing you’ve learned on this trip?
I learned how to tie an Arab scarf!

Most often used journi smiley?
The gasping smiley! haha

Where is your next adventure leading you to?
I’m going to the Burning Man Festival in California next week! This will be such an entirely different experience.




Thank you Daniel! Happy travels – we are looking forward to your next trip on journi!