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This week, we chatted with Rosanna Reiner. Her profile reads: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page“.
Today we are looking into her amazing wwoofing adventure in Denmark and also find out what that actually means: “Wwoofing Abenteuer in Dänemark“.



First of all: What is Wwoofing?
Wwoof means “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”. The concept is very easy: you work daily for 4 hours on an organic farm (Saturdays and Sundays are off) and therefor you get board and lodging. As a so called “Wwoofer” you can travel across a country on a very low budget, get insights in every day life, learn a lot about organic farming and most important, you will meet many interesting people and make new friends.

Where did you go?
I traveled through Denmark. From Ry in Centraljutland to Orø (a small island in the Isefjord), to Copenhagen on Seeland ( also visited Malmö in Sweden for one day) and back to Åarhus, Ørsted and Vrads in Centraljutland.

For how long?
For 52 days.

Backpack or suitcase?

Camping, Hostel, Hotel or your own Villa?
While I was wwoofing I was living in guestrooms of typical danish (farm)houses. But also in a hostel in Åarhus and a rented flat in Copenhagen.

How did you get around?
Plain, train, bus, car, boat, ferry, bike and by foot.

Always with you?
Working boots and mosquito repellent.

Must-see you would return for?
It’s the nature in Denmark. Especially the hidden beaches and the sea. But also the city of Copenhagen.

Any DON’Ts at the destination?
Although Danish people are very nice and polite – if you stand or walk on the bike lane (especially in Copenhagen) – they will show no mercy and bump into you. Or at least ring their bells furiously. If you don’t want to make the Nordic Bicycle God angry – watch your step. 😀

Best coffee?
Since I’m more the tea-person, I can only recommend you to drink the Chai-Latte at the fair-trade coffee shop, called Baristas, in Malmö.

Best ice cream?
Paradise ice cream in Ebeltoft. Heaven or actually beyond…

Best lunch/dinner you’ve had there?
The most incredible dinner I’ve ever had was a beach-pizza-pick-nick on the island Orø. We were eating delicious ecological pizza from the local pizzeria and drinking red wine at a lonely beach. Did I mentioned the stunning view over the water and the breathtaking sunset?

Most interesting person you’ve met?
Bus from China (not the “bus” but the person ;)). Talking to him really broaden my mind and got me to rethink many things. Besides it was very funny watching him eating the traditional Carinthian (this is the part of Austria where I’m from) “Reindling” (which is a special sweet cake) with chopsticks.

A funny incident you wanna talk about?
If you ever drive with a bus on Saturday night in Copenhagen – make sure that no obvious drunk guy takes the seat next to you. He will probably fall asleep on your shoulder and he will find it so cozy there, that it will be very, very hard for you to wake him up. Especially if you have to get off the bus.

Hornsleth Bar in Copenhagen.

Fell in love with…?
Pivo the cat.

Best city or town you visited on the go?
I can’t help – I really love Copenhagen.

The best thing you’ve learned on this trip?
What the Danish word “hyggelig” really means!

Most often used journi smiley?
“Food”  😀

Where is your next adventure leading you to?
No specific plans. But I would love to go to Sri Lanka.




Thank you Rosanna! Happy travels – we are looking forward to your next trip on journi!