We are tracking down journi users from all over the world to feature them in our series of blog posts! Discover who the people behind those “journis” are, where they get their favorite coffee, where they roam around in their most loved cities and which travel memories they want to keep from their adventures. You want your “journi” to be featured? Awesome, let us know via carina@journiapp.com.

This week, we chatted with Marlies Thuswald. Her profile reads: “I love languages and I like to learn them in the countries where they are spoken. This boosts motivation and often leads to really nice encounters with locals.”
Today we are looking into her amazing trip: “Marlies’s trip through California” with amazing sunsets, hot springs, sequoias and a lot more!


First of all: Where did you go?
My first destination was San Francisco as I wanted to visit the journi HQ and breathe some startup air, while exploring the city that I’ve known from so many movies and songs 😉 However, the trip developed into an amazing journey through whole California, from Los Angeles in the south to the Red Wood Groves in the north – and lots of awesome stuff in between. 

Who traveled with you?
I had the pleasure to travel with journi founder Chris himself. The best travel partner I could imagine! 😉 We had an amazing time together, also trying out the journi app, for which California is really the perfect place!

For how long?
For 2 weeks, which went by sooo fast!

Backpack or suitcase?
Big suitcase, small backpack.

Camping, Hostel, Hotel or your own Villa?
Actually, I saw lots of different places, from private apartments to motels, hotels and camp grounds. Couldn’t say what I loved most. 

How did you get around?
Mostly car, but also plane, bus, tram, underground, bike and by foot.

Always with you?
Camera, journi app and sun glasses.

Must-see you would return for?
Lots of places, actually… But I especially fell in love with the nature in California, above all the enormous Redwood trees in the north and these cute cute squirrels sweetening our days in Yosemite.

Any DON’Ts at the destination?
Well, I wouldn’t advise anyone who wants to visit San Francisco to rely on summer clothes, as it is very foggy and quite cold most of the time…

Best coffee?
I’m not really picky when it comes to coffee and felt as it was quite ok everywhere… The chain that seemed to appear in lots of places, however, is Peet’s coffee…

Best ice cream?
Unfortunately, we only had ice-cream once (in Guerneville). You could pick vanilla or chocolate and add stuff like cookie dough, brownie or snickers… However, the “small” cup was quite enough for the two of us!

Best lunch/dinner you’ve had there?
The food was generally very good and I was surprised how easy it was to find tasty vegetarian stuff. However, especially the mexican food was delicious!

Most interesting person you’ve met?
We visited an old friend of my Mum in Santa Rosa and he introduced us to many magical places in the north of California. We also had really great conversations with him about everything and anything. Thank you so much, Michael!

A funny incident you wanna talk about?
One evening in China Town in SF we met a very “knowledgeable” Chinese guy who chattered on about the best places to get tea, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Google conspiracy theories. It was really fascinating. Finally, he urged us to give him a tip and we gave him a dollar to get away in peace…

I’m not really a party animal…

Fell in love with…?
Squirrels in Yosemite!!! Sooo cute!!!

Best city or town you visited on the go?
San Francisco was amazing…

The best thing you’ve learned on this trip?
…that Californian people are far ahead of Austrians when it comes to recycling and sustainability… this was actually a surprise! 

Most often used journi category?
“Nature”  🙂

Where is your next adventure leading you to?
In a few weeks my next journey will lead me to Novi Sad in Serbia. 🙂




Thank you Marlies! Happy travels – we are looking forward to your next trip on journi!