This is a short guide on how to invite friends from Facebook, Twitter, your contacts or via email to join journi.

1. Click on the profile tab to open your profile page. Then click on “Friends”.

Profile Tab

2. Now you see all your friends on journi. If you want to invite new friends, click on the plus in the top right corner.


3. Choose an option to invite additional friends. You can add friends from your Contacts, Facebook, Twitter, via Email or from Suggestions. Later you will see people who are connected with you and are already on journi.

Invite Options

4. If you choose contacts you will see all the contacts on your iPhone and invite them by clicking the plus right next to their name and choose email or sms to send the invitation.

Invite Contacts

5. If you choose Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see all your friends from Facebook or Twitter who are already using journi, but are not connected with you on journi. Click on the “Invite” button to get connected. Click on “Invite All” to send all your Facebook or Twitter friends an invite to get connected on journi.


We hope that this blog post helped! Let us know if we could be of any further assistant and mail us.