We hope you’ve enjoyed using journi so far. As you may know, journi is a small bootstrapped startup with a big mission:

A world where you can make your travel experiences unforgettable without extra effort.

It’s an ambitious goal, and we rely on donations from people like you to keep working towards it.

If all of you pitched in just EUR/USD 5, it would fund all our work to maintain the app, plus on top further improve the app for an even better user experience.

It only takes a minute!

Give your gift super powers

All gifts made in December will not only support journi, but also refugee children without a home and education.
With every donation from EUR/USD 5 journi is going to donate10% to the UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency to provide a shelter and access to primary education.

Thanks a lot, 

Andreas, Bianca and Chris
Founders, Journi

P.S. Like always, if you have any feedback, questions or ideas please let us know.