The all new Follower System

We changed the friends and follower concept of journi and made it a whole lot easier for you. What does that mean? There won’t be any difference between friends and followers anymore. From now on you can simply follow other users or their public journis as you might know it from other apps like Pinterest.

New Profile tab

In the user profile you will now see the people you are following and the people that are following you.

Find your followers and the users you are following in your profile tab.

Find your followers and the users you are following in your profile tab.











How to invite friends to follow your journi

Inviting friends to follow got a complete redesign. Now it is super easy to see and search all your friends at journi, within your contacts, Facebook and Twitter in one screen with a single click.

For private journis it will stay the same. If a journi is private you can’t follow automatically, but can request to follow. The owner can decide whether you can see it or not.

Here are the most relevant screens for you…

journi trip settings

The new journi trip settings: Invite friends to follow or travel with you by clicking on the plus or manage your existing followers and co-travelers by clicking on the arrow.













See who is following your trip.

See who is following your trip already. Manage the followers by clicking on Edit.











Manage your existing followers

To delete a follower just click on the red minus.











invite friends

journi will show you your friends from journi, your contacts, Facebook and Twitter. Starting with those you are interacting most with. Use the search or scroll down to find your friends.

Picture Invite Friends via Facebook and Twitter

Invite your friends also by connecting journi with Facebook and Twitter or type in an email.














Stay tuned, there are more updates coming soon!