We sometimes receive app reviews and emails from people complaining about registering for journi.

Here are 10 reasons why to sign-up for journi and what’s in for you:

  1. You have read about all the great features that journi offers and that it is free, right? Life is about giving and taking, we just ask you to identify yourself with either your email or Facebook account. Not yet convinced? Read on.
  2. Journi is probably the easiest way to make your travel experiences unforgettable by keeping track of your travel moments and sharing it with friends. A lot of the great features only work with our strong servers in the backend (e.g. automatically updating your friends, having all the content available on multiple devices, finding other users and many more). In order to provide you all this power we ask you to choose your best way to create an account. This could be email or using your existing Facebook account.
  3. You want full privacy control? No problem, journi delivers this feature as well. With journi you can control the access to all of your content. But therefore we need users to identify themselves, whether this is you as owner, the people traveling with you and contributing to your journi or your friends following your journi. Only then you can control the access rights to your content and can also change them if needed.
  4. You want to create journis together with people traveling with you? Once we have your email and your companions email you are good to go.
  5. Ever sent an email without knowing the email address? To stay in touch and communicate with your friends on journi we need users to have an account.
  6. You want to get updates from your your network and journi in general? No problem, but give us a way to communicate with you.
  7. Journi saves all your data both on your phone and on our servers. This makes loosing your data almost impossible. But of course we again need to link the data to an account.
  8. Having all your journi content with you wherever you need it on all your devices is great, right? But this wouldn’t be possible without an account.
  9. You want to discover and search for other public journis and follow other users? Just create an account and you are good to go.
  10. You have an issue and want to communicate with our support? No problem, we just need to identify you and find you in our database with your account.

Still having doubts? Just email us at support at journiapp.com or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter. We are always happy to help.