We are tracking down travelers from all over the world to feature in this new series and show you the best of the best journis out there! You want your journi to be featured? Awesome, just drop me a line on laura@journiapp.com.

Fancy a camping adventure? This week we set off to an exciting road trip with our favorite camper! Share a camper rents out unique campervans in Australia, New Zealand and Germany, and you can enjoy the freedom of starting your trip from many possible locations.

Drive where the road takes you

Our first travelers are Sandra and Anna, who are sharing a camper through Europe . They live everyday to the fullest and go where the road takes them. On their road trip, they already drove through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, right now you can find them on the streets of Italy. Follow this awesome duo on their journi through Europe and see where they’ll end up next.


Men just want to have fun

Our second traveler is Paul, who is sharing a camper with his friend Wilde, oh, and a mascot. They venture Europe with a camera, a drone and a lot of funny stories. Check out their road trip through the Netherlands, Belgium and France to see more amazing pictures!


Next week we will feature more incredible, exciting, funny, beautiful journis! Stay tuned☝️

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