We are tracking down travelers from all over the world to feature in this new series and show you the best of the best journis out there! You want your journi to be featured? Awesome, just drop me a line on laura@journiapp.com.

This week we set off to a world adventure. We explore the best corners of the world and share some incredible journis with you! South East Asia, Canada, India, South America, Africa, America and Europe, these journis have them all!

The Thrill Seekers

Alenka and Bugi like to travel extraordinary. They explore places not many tourists go and love the adventure, like kayaking around the Cook Islands or climbing the Kilimanjaro. They also love everything local: local markets, local food (like the incredible delicious Umami Burger) and local people. Check out their World Tour to get some extraordinary travel tips for your next cross country trip!


Backpacking around the World

Pack your bags, step on the plane and set off to the adventure of a lifetime. That’s exactly what Anna and Ian did 8 months ago. They have been venturing around Asia and South America, discovering stunning places and local culture. Follow their awesome journi to find out where their wanderlust takes them next!


Next week we will feature more incredible, exciting, funny, beautiful journis! Stay tuned☝️

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