We are tracking down travelers from all over the world to feature in this new series and show you the best of the best journis out there! You want your journi to be featured? Awesome, just drop me a line on laura@journiapp.com.

This week we will feature some amazing journis exploring beautiful Europe. These journis are really something special. Follow our travelers to experience different culture, cuisine and nature and to get a feeling of how diverse Europe really is.

20 Countries in 3 Months

Ever asked yourself how to travel more than 20 countries in one season? This couple did it. And on the way they enjoy German beer, English breakfast, Dutch coffee and Greek sunsets. Follow Tonya and Adam on their journi through Europe, visiting Disney Land, the alps and the Eifel tower in one go.


14 Countries in 2 Months

Follow Stacey and her friend while they enjoy a Guiness in Dublin, hike through Scotland and experience the spectacular Northern Lights in Norway. In two months they visit over 14 countries and have a lot of fun along the way! Check out Stacey’s odyssey through Europe.


Next week we will feature more incredible, exciting, funny, beautiful journis! Stay tuned☝️

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