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This week is all about the natural beauty of ICELAND. Follow these breathtaking journis to discover hidden treasures and spectacular views, shot by two amazing photographers of our community.

 Hidden Treasures

Jean loves photography. That’s why she had to go to Iceland, where one can find the most spectacular views to capture with camera. Follow Jean on her 4-weeks road trip around the island, exploring glaciers, waterfalls, fjords, hotpools and canyons. And find out why she is really looking forward to sleeping in her own bed again.

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Natural Wonders

Thomas is a professional photographer from Austria. He loves nature and is a real adventurer who likes to discover the world through his camera. In his journi he introduces the best places to visit, the best accommodations to sleep in and gives your some tips on which times of the day are best to shoot the most stunning pictures.

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Next week we will feature more incredible, exciting, funny, beautiful journis! Stay tuned☝️

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