Journi now let’s you discover over 80,000 travel stories

The makers of journi, the travel journaling app that makes your travel adventures unforgettable with ease, just launched a huge update for iOS on the App Store.

Besides a totally new and fresh design and many improvements to build your travel story, you can now discover and search for more than 80,000 trips. In different categories like Featured Trips, Europe, North America, Asia, City Trips, Short Trips, etc. you can now browse through various travel adventures or search for journis in specific locations.

“This way you can get inspiration for your next trip, see what routes to take, what places to visit or simply get lost in foreign places and cultures,” explains Bianca Busetti, CPO of journi.

You can find and share everything on journi – from Italian city trips in Florence to biking in Norway, backpacking in Southeast Asia, road trips through New Zealand, hiking in Patagonia and Nepal or discovering National Parks in the US.

As part of the update, you can now also manually change date, time and location of your entries.

“This feature was highly requested, as it allows you also to change the order of your entries. While it was appreciated by the users that the story builds itself, you sometimes want to adjust the order of your entries,” explains Andreas Roettl, CEO of journi.

If you don’t do anything, journi will automatically fetch the time and location either from your photos or your current location and will order your moments by the time they were created.

The newest release of journi, which is also available and optimized for iPad, is going live today. To get all the new features mentioned in this article, download it for free on the App Store.

The update will soon also be available on Android.

Get the new journi now!