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Ready for a backpacker adventure? Don’t you sometimes get that urge to just pack your bag and jump on the next plane to anywhere? Well this week we fly to Japan and Central America, to see how backpacking is done in those countries. Get inspiration and tipps on how to explore these beautiful places!


 Japanese Adventure

Stefanie is from Munich and started backpacking when she was 18. Her journi explores Japan from South to East, exploring local cuisine, sights and natural wonders. Stefanie reveals many tips and tricks for backpackers who love to dive deep into Japan’s culture. She explains how the (very complex) transport system works and which hostel offers the best deals. For the budget traveler she recommends New Koyo Hostel in Tokyo, for the Sushi lover she says that Sushi Kintaro is the place to go, and if you need someone to snuggle with, the Cat Cafe Nekokaigi will make your stay a happy one. Discover more insider tips on Stefanie’s journi!


Let’s go to Japan

A Diver’s Paradise

Are you an underwater junky? Then Stef will make your day! She is a travel enthusiast, nature lover and most of all a passionate diver. Follow her journi from Panama to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and finally to Mexico. She discovers the best diving spots, like the Utila Dive CenterBocas del Toro or the Gran Cenote caves. If you prefer more of a thrill, Bat Islands adventure diving is the one for you! Join Stef and dive in the most beautiful oceans on this planet. Oh and find out where she ate the BEST chocolate cake in this world (“This cafe was like an epiphany!”).


Let’s go Diving


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