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May we introduce: Katie and Lola. 👩🏻  🐶 

Katie quit her job and sold all her belongings to travel. Does that sound familiar? Many great adventures start like that. It is this first step to break out of your daily routine and overcome your inner demons, and let what you always dreamed of become reality. That’s exactly what Katie did, and she took her best friend with her. The 2 have been on the road for more than 43 days, exploring extraordinary nature all over America. They visit Yellow Stone, Grand Teton, Antelope Canyon and many more! They also love to indulge along the way, so you will see many delicious cupcakes, burgers and Ice Cream. Here are some of Katie’s favorites she found along the road:

Now … Are you getting hungry? And do you ask yourself how to travel with a fluffy companion? See for yourself and check out their amazing journi! Also check out Katie’s Instagram for a bunch of artistic travel pictures!

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