Traveling can be seen as something really beautiful and extraordinary in our lives. The feeling of freedom, exciting adventures, new cultures, exotic tastes, stunning nature, … This is why we want to preserve these experiences and share it with friends and family. BUT…

…let’s be honest and ask ourselves if we are willing to do more than just taking photos? Who is still writing a journal or travel blog if it is not a source of income? Non-commercial travel blogs got pretty rare these days.

Who of you is willing to go through the hassle of updating friends and family every single day, while traveling? Do you really want to spam everyone with text or WhatsApp messages?

And what do we do with the bulk of photos we took, afterwards? Well, we might share two or three on Instagram or Facebook to show some people (which we don’t really care about anyway) how cool we are, get some likes and then we might transfer them to a hard drive on our computer or cloud where we forget about them after a while. Like we forget the majority of the experience in general. After only three months we fail to remember little details, like the name of a restaurant, accommodation or likeminded travelers we met. After 6 months we even start to forget the things we did and when we did them. And I don’t need to tell you that this is only getting worse. Unfortunately it’s not easy to relive your travel experiences and re-access all the beautiful memories.

So what if someone is asking you for tips and tricks they can use for their next trip? Are you really going to sit down and write an essay?

What if you want to show your parents or friends the highlights of your last travel adventure? Are you really going to sort through all the photos and create a complex slide show?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it.

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This article was published on Medium by Andreas Roettl, CEO of journi.

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