Dear journi travelers,

we, the journi team, wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you spend you time with family and friends at home, or maybe you are chilling at the beach in Australia, who knows. Wherever you are – Beijing, New York, Madrid, London, Seoul, Oslo, Sydney, Cape town, Mexico City, Bali, Cuba – which ever continent, we send our love out to all you nomads, backpackers, campers, work and travelers, hitch hikers, divers, travelettes  and adventurers!


We are very happy to have such amazing users and we thank you for all your feedback, ideas, suggestions and love. We are looking forward to an amazing new year with many many exciting things to come! Our team is working hard and will work even harder! We definitely have some surprises in store for you …🎁

What’s planned in 2017:

  • what we’ve all been waiting for: the journi one-click photo book
  • really cool add ons for your journi – like weather or flights
  • maaaany amazing stickers to personalize your journi even more

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Your journi team❤️