Action in the Austrian Alps – This weekend, the journi team ventured off to their very first team retreat! We stayed in a beautiful cabin overlooking a winter wonderland in the South of Austria.

Day 1

Bianca, Andi, Bo, Laura and Joze already arrived the night before and went for a little walk around the frozen lake. When Bruno, Rhaisa, Chris and Marlies arrived, we prepared ourselves for what was about to come – which was a surprise, of course. Crossing the lake, we took a cable car up a very high hill, where we first of all had an amazing lunch at Hochschober Almzeit with some delicious Austrian food! With a full stomach we then didn’t walk downhill, we slided – with the famous Nocky Flitzer, a spectacular Alpine roller coaster. After this adrenaline rush we went home got our sleighs to sledge down the snow covered hills at night. Fortunately no one got hurt, even if we were going really fast, and we rewarded ourselves with a hot chocolate.

 Day 2

After a strengthening breakfast we put on our warmest clothes, packed some hot ginger tea, dark bread and fresh bananas, and started our next adventure. Working together as a team, we climbed 2,208m up the Schoberriegel, which took a lot of our energy, but together we all made it to the top! Proud as a bee we posed for some pictures and felt like the kings & queens of the world! The way down wasn’t as easy as we thought, the sun was strong and the snow deep, but after eating our bread with selfmade bacon, we managed to get home in one piece. After that all we could do was relax – and play some cards.


Day 3

The last day of our trip we started of with enjoying breakfast with a beautiful view. Then we put on our ice skates and went to the lake which was completely frozen. After some skating and even some falls, we went to MeiZeit and had our last meal in the alps. We didn’t leave without posing for some team pictures – of course. All in all we had an amazing weekend which brought us closer together as a team – and now we are ready for the new year!


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Next week we will feature more incredible, exciting, funny, beautiful journis! Stay tuned☝️

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