2016 was a big travel year for journi: 29,169 travelers started 51,181 journis, discovering places they have never been before all over the world. We think the most interesting part is where they chose to travel. So we compiled a Top 10 list of the most visited countries of 2016 for you. Can you guess which country made it to the top?

10. Netherlands

The 10th place goes to a beautiful piece of earth, the Netherlands. Especially Amsterdam is known for its art scene and hipster cafés. A bike ride along the canal streets is definitely considered a must-do!

Go on a bike ride in Amsterdam!

9. Thailand

With its white beaches and spicy food Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations for Europeans in Asia. Selina and Paula are two typical backpackers, enjoying traveling how you can only do it when you are sleeping in hostels meeting young travelers from all over the world.

Meet backpackers in Thailand!

 8. Australia

As the number one backpacking destination, Australia cannot be missed on our list. The diversity and vastness of this country makes is appealing to young and old travelers alike. Watch Steffi travel across the whole country (with visits to New Zealand and Asia), exploring its most beautiful spots.

Visit the beaches of Australia!

 7. Austria

The beauty of Austrian nature is well known to all travelers, their forests and National Parks are a paradise for hiking and nature lovers. Especially the alps are a well-known hiking spot. See how the CEO of journi, Andreas enjoys climbing some mountains!

Climb the mountains of Austria!

 6. France

France is famous for croissants, cheese and its astonishing châteaus. Hollie and her husband experience the beauty of this country visting many of those, in addition to the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower of course. Parfait!

Get your dose of culture in France!

5. Great Britain

Scotland, Wales and England are considered a must-do when visiting Europe. Fun fact: they recently named chicken tikka masala as its national dish, even though no one in India has ever heard of it. Jolene also loves chicken tikka, and enjoys her time to the fullest in London, meeting Emma Watson, dancing at British Summer Time Hyde Park and celebrating Pride Parade in style.

Meet Harry Potter in London!

4. Spain

Who doesn’t like a bit of Spanish temper? The land of bulls and paella is very popular among Europeans, combining extraordinary culture and beautiful beaches. Matthias’ journi to Teneriffa makes you wanting to catch the next flight to Spain.

Enjoy the Spanish sun!

3. Italy

Pizza, pasta, bene! Everyone loves Italy, especially the food. Our travelers enjoyed the country which is rich in culture and good coffee. Especially Bertram and Gabi like to enjoy the good things in life, like a glass of exquisite Italian wine in the ancient city of Rome.

Wander through the streets of Rome!

2. Germany

The second place goes to Germany, the country of beer and sausage. But of course it has way more to offer than that. Get a glimpse of Germany in this short journi from Germany to Switzerland, by the self announced “Weltenbummlerin” Judith.

Enjoy the summer in Germany!

1. United States

Our number one travel destination of 2016 is the United States! From San Francisco to L.A., Florida to New York, Arizona to Ohio, our travelers discovered this country with all its beauty. Check photography lover Bart’s vibrant journi chasing the colors of autumn in Colorado!

Discover beautiful National Parks in the US!

Every week we will feature more incredible, exciting, funny, beautiful journis! Stay tuned☝️

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