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India, a beautiful and vast country full of contrasts. We chose three journis that portrait India from different angles. From busy markets and crowded streets, spicy food and cows in the streets, to uncomfortable trains and rich culture.


Discovering the North

Al is one of our most active journi travelers, she gave up work to see the world, and is now together with her husband exploring all corners of this beautiful world. This time they decided to conquer India’s North, living with a local family, and even experienced a Bollywood film in the making. “Either we’re adventurous or stupid or maybe both” – is how they describe their travel spirit.

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Backpacking through Nepal

Kusti from Estonia is a solo traveler with a taste for heights. Equipped with his backpack he is exploring the North of India and Nepal. On his way he is climbing mountains, hiking through woods, discovering hidden temples and experiencing the real India in the well known Sleeper trains. He also occasionally meets a cow in the streets.

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 An Indian Wedding

The main reason to travel to India for Kristy and her husband was to witness their first real Indian wedding, and it was crazy. “The wedding was like a festival with tents and sofas, stages, Dj & dance floor, and lots of food stalls including appetizers, popcorn, curries, dosas, chai tea, desserts and fruit. There were about 500 guests popping in and out of the wedding.” But that wasn’t all. They also trekked their way up the Himalayan mountains and experienced real Indian life at local homestays. As a yoga teacher Kristy couldn’t miss Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. Check out Kristy’s IG for more Zen!

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