LOVE IS IN THE AIR❤️ To honor this Valentine’s Day, we put together a very special list for you: our most inspiring (and freaking cool) couples on journi. With their passion for traveling and adventures they take their love across borders. These couples are smart, fun, and a little bit crazy – basically someone you want to follow! 😉

Al & Jon

Many want to do it, but not many do – give up work to see the world. That’s exactly what this couple did, and they are now exploring what Australia has to offer – from vibrant city life to calm and beautiful nature.

Dive in Down Under!

Jannik & Janna

While the similarity of their names is a coincidence, their same mindset isn’t. Jannik & Janna took off from Germany to see the world – and have fun in it. They backpack along the west coast of America, from Seattle to San Francisco, up to Vancouver. They end up in Las Vegas – and what else to do there than getting married? See for yourself if they end up saying “yes” …


Propose in Vegas!

Nick & JT

When they do a journi, they do it properly – so they travel 3 continents in one go. But they do not do it the normal way – they stay in epic hotels, fly helicopters and dance in the streets. They are artists themselves and find beautiful culture and art in every place they visit.


Cruise around in Havana!

 Andi & Bianca

After saying “yes” to each other, they took off to a honeymoon like you would imagine it in your dreams – beautiful hotels, refreshing swimming pools and delicious cocktails topped with some diving action and astonishing temples. Bali is the perfect place for all of that – see how these two enjoy the 3 best weeks of their lives!

Fall in love with Bali!

Chloe & Oli

This couple is what you would call young, fit & sporty. Starting their journi in Singapore and Bali, they end up cruising along Australia’s East Coast with a camper. They love the active lifestyle out in the nature, and are specialists in taking pictures with adorable animals they meet along the way. But see for yourself!

Follow the sun!

We hope you enjoyed our post and wish you all a Valentine’s Day filled with loads of love! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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