You also take a lot of photos not with your phone or tablet but with cameras and then have to transfer them afterwards to upload them on journi? No problem, we show you the three fastest ways how to do this.

1. Use your built-in Wifi

Most of the newer cameras already come with build-in wifi. Check your camera’s guide book on how to turn on Wifi. Usually you need to download and install a companion app to connect the device on your phone and download the photos to your camera roll.

2. Wireless SD cards

This solution is pretty fancy. If you don’t have a camera with wifi, you may consider buying SD cards with Wi-Fi capabilities. Also here you will need to download and install a companion app to connect to the card and download the photos to your camera roll. The big draw back: The cards are expensive and the Wi-Fi antenna or connections can sometimes break.

3. Use an adapter

This is actually still my favorite solution, also when Wifi is available. It is simply the fastest option to get photos directly on your phone without any additional apps. And you can get any adapters for any cards and phones for reasonable prices on Amazon. For iPhone or iPad you need a lightning to e.g. SD adapter, for Android phones and tablets you normally need a Mini-USB to e.g. SD adapter. Another advantage is that you can automatically delete the photos from the card on transfer.

Here’s a list of adapters that we use:

For iOS Devices: Apple Lightning To USB Camera Adapter

For Android devices SD Card Adapter Micro USB can also be used for your PC or Mac.


You have your photos already on your Mac or PC?

No Problem. On Mac you can either use iCloud, photo Sharing or Airdrop to quickly transfer your photos to your phone. iCloud and photo Sharing sync your content automatically across your devices. When using Airdrop you have to select and copy past your photos. On PC you may use iTunes for iOS devices. Android phones normally let you access their picture folder when connected.

If you have any other approaches that work for you leave a comment.