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One month journi – 7 numbers that let us celebrate

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Time to celebrate! About a month ago we launched the journi iOS and Web App. An awesome social travel journal used by awesome travelers, like you! We are so amazed by the user statistics and the incredibly positive feedback we’ve received from our users so far! That’s why we decided to celebrate this first month with everyone and share some highly interesting insights with you. Here are 7 numbers that illustrate the first month of journi. […]

The Top 10 Sled Runs in Austria


During the Christmas time the whole miavia team stays at home with the family. If there is enough snow – and currently we are lucky in Austria – we’ll all spend some time outside to do some winter sports. We realized that all of us will go sledding somewhere with our friends. And as we are all staying in different parts of the Alps I thought it would be a great idea to collect our team’s favorite places to go sledding. […]

A very merry global Christmas


I often get the question how we celebrate Christmas in Sweden; if it’s any different from Christmas in Austria, or the States, or anywhere else for that matter. In Sweden, we’ve got Jultomten, Santa Claus, who comes on Christmas Eve, we eat other things than people in Austria, no carp and no turkey. And in Sweden, a lot of people actually eat meatballs on the 24th – as part of a gigantic buffet and way better than the ones at Ikea. In the mornings we eat a kind of warm rice pudding, a lovely and cosy way to start the celebrations. […]

10 simple tips how to create the best miavia Travel Box ever!

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Check out the following to learn what makes a good Travel Box great and to grab the attention of the miavia community. Inspire fellow travelers to enjoy (and buy!) your fab insider tips: (1) Grab the users attention with your cover picture Imagine walking through a bookstore with shelves and tables full of books. You’re browsing to find a great book to take on your next vacation. […]

On the Road with Paris

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I watched the movie “The Bling Ring” by Sofia Coppola the other day. The film is based on actual the facts about a group of teenagers in Hollywood who were stocking their own wardrobes and wallets with clothes, handbags and bling stolen from homes of famous Hollywood stars; over fifty homes were reportedly targeted for potential burglary. Paris Hilton’s house was broken into several times and the movie was partially shot at her house. A cool film, showing the shallowness of the teenagers in combination with the excessive style of living of the rich and famous. To see Paris Hilton’s house from the inside was interesting in a weird kinda way; what would she think of my apartment? Would she go “OMG! This is like so small! And where’s all the gold? And the crystals? […]

Next stop Fucking.

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I read an article in an Austrian newspaper a while ago about a village called Fucking in Upper Austria. Apparently there’s a problem with tourists: giggling hordes of sightseers descend on the village every day, snapping shots of the village’s city-limit sign, stealing the signs of the houses – “Fucking 69” seems to be a popular one. Some pose next to the signs, pretending to *beeep* (guess what?!). And some even come there to come, so to speak. About half of the village’s inhabitants want to change the name to something else, like Fugging. The rest wants to keep its old name; maybe they don’t care, maybe they think it’s kinda funny too? […]

Students! Grab your travel memories and put them in a winning Travel Box! Go! Go!! Go!!!

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The miavia team wishes you all the best of luck! We’ve got some great prizes (like plane tickets to a European destination of your choice) but with miavia everyone’s a winner! Earn money with your Travel Box, travel better and experience more with miavia – what’s not to love?! Here’s a short and handy list to help you make your Travel Box absolutely great: […]

A Tale of Two Toilets

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Often the unplanned is what makes a good trip great. Adventure, spontaneity, lots of fun, great memories. The unexpected. The strange. Just like this one toilet in India. We were close to the Pakistani border; coming from Amritsar and its Golden Temple and busy streets in our bus. We spent the night near the highway, [...]

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