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I do marketing, talk to users and decide what's next. While traveling I love to discover the local cuisine.

Always remembered, Never forgotten

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Souvenirs have such a bad reputation. Tacky! Miniature Taj Mahals, Eiffel Towers, T-shirts claiming to love a city, porcelain Hofreitsschule-horses, ash trays, coffee mugs, snowballs, fridge magnets, sea shells glued to little boxes, “traditional” clothing. The list is longer than long. Souvenirs are frowned upon. They’re something the savvy traveler would never, ever buy. Tourist [...]


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Something like this happened a few years ago in London. We were walking on a street in Chinatown, a friend and I. We had walked all day and now we were looking for something to eat. We were tired, schlepping ourselves and an assortment of shopping bags. We were  on the search for dumplings. All [...]

Discussing Leo in Iran

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It was unbelievably good. Really, one of the best I’ve ever had. It was smooth yet chunky, creamy and dreamy and yellow and gooey. Just lovely.  Everything was great that day, not just the ice cream.  Let me tell you about saffron ice cream and my encounter with Samira and how this one day twelve [...]

It’s brewing in the miavia kitchen


  the miavia team - an updateThe miavia team has been super busy these last couple of weeks. While we’ve all been waiting for spring to arrive, we’ve worked, wrote, built our web app and talked to a LOT of investors, customers and other startups. In Berlin we had the chance to pitch miavia several [...]

The Evil Passenger – Flying with Small Children

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There are all kinds of people you wouldn’t want to have next to you on a plane. There’s The Snorer. The Fighting Couple. The Woman Dulling her Fear of Flying with whiskey AND pills. The Weird Guy with Dandruff falling asleep on your shoulder. The Chatty Lady whose breath smells like rotten eggs. The Passive-Aggressive [...]

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Third day in Berlin and we are getting more awesome already :) Met a lot of fantastic people. Thank you for the great feedback und support. Guess where we are here.

Shiny & New

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I’m proud. Traveling, photography, culture and writing all wrapped in one: Community Manager at miavia! Iʼd like to introduce myself. My name is Anna-Clara and Iʼm very happy to be the community manager of miavia. Iʼm from Sweden but have been living in Vienna, Austria for quite some time together with my boyfriend Fredrik and [...]

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Heute hatten wir unser spitzenmäßiges Teambuilding! Danke Andi für den coolen Film über unsere bisherige Zeit bei miavia, für deine Moderation und deine Ideen für heute! Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht. Und der Brunch war natürlich die Krönung ;) Und Danke an Chris und Anna-Clara, wir sind ein spitzen Team! eure Bianca

Subscribe at miavia.in and win one of 10 travel boxes

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We are not yet started, but already have something for you. Join our latest contest by subscribing at miavia and invite your friends. All you need to win is helping us spreading the word. The more people join in right from the beginning, the better for you. The more friends you’ll find. The more trips you’ll share. [...]

Startup Live Vienna 8

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Startup Live 8 im Marx Palast! Wir hatten ein spitzen Team und arbeiteten jeden Tag bis die Türen geschlossen haben! Sonntag haben wir die Bühne gerockt und gleich zwei Preise abgeräumt! Danke! 

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