About Andreas

I do marketing, talk to users and decide what's next. While traveling I love to discover the local cuisine.

miavia solving travel problems

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This time, we want to share the problems miavia tries to tackle and like to hear about your oppinion too. And what helps you to fight these problems. Thousands of individual travelers are planning their perfect journeys every day. And this sometimes feels like a running a marathon. We often wish that creating the perfect [...]

Working Outside

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Is there a better end for a working day? As we had some work left for today we decided to take our office outside and catch the last sunshine. To demonstrate the right spirit we lit the olympic fire :)

Summer Residence

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As some friends of us have been so curios about our new office in carinthia we thought we could give you a look behind the scenes. Today we also got our new incredible office light that makes it possible to work even longer :)Special thanks to Helmut and Evi for that present.

The first mile

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Hey there and welcome to the miavia blog, About four month ago we decided to go on a three week trip to Sri Lanka. After hours of planning we came up with the first ideas how to preserve gathered travel knowledge in a better way than anything out there yet and the vision to connect [...]

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