About Bianca

I do everything regarding design and product at journi. I love motorbiking and nature.

Design: Stamps

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Do you like the style of our stamps? Did you know that the list of sovereign states contains 206 entries? YEAH only 200 to go! ;) 

Passport Interface

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Hello friends, followers and travellers, miavia is not sleeping, we are working at our MVP since the past time and today I’m happy to present you the miavia passport. On the left side you see a profile, on the right side a past journey which the traveller stamped into his amazing digital passport @miavia.in. Anyone [...]

Design: Brand

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miavia [mia-wia]?What does it mean?  "mia" - is the italian word for "my"  "via" - is the italian word for  "way" or "street", but we took it also as an abbreviation for the italian word "viaggio" means "journey"   It is bisyllabic and in many languages good to spell.And the domain miavia.in was free! ;)  Which we all know, [...]

Brand Identity

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This week we finalized the corporate and brand identity and allready printed our business cards.We are very proud to present our final logo and colorcode to you. Have a closer look at myBehance portfolio. Hope you like it and looking forward for comments and appreciations!  Thank you for the feedback from last time! It really helped [...]

Experiment starts in 2 Days

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We strongly believe that you have to travel, if you want to understand the whole travel process and its challenges in order to make a change. Bianca and I already did a lot of traveling all around the world and believe us we had to handle a lot of these challenges. But unfortunately we did not [...]

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