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As an avid traveler I love exploring new countries, and write about them for journi.

Let’s start a new “journi”: the app and the rebranding

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Today we have truly awesome news! It’s time to tell you about the upcoming launch of our new iPhone app journi! Though journi is not only the app, journi is the new direction we are heading towards. We have told our dear miavia users about it already – but here’s the news for everyone: miavia is completely rebranding to journi! For now miavia will remain online, but as soon as journi is available in the App Store (Mid of June 2014), we will merge the two websites and combine the functionalities with an app and web platform which complement each other. […]

Valentine’s Day in Vienna


We all hate it, or at least we usually consort with the type of people in our friend networks in whose company we are supposed to hate it: Valentine’s Day. Then again, sometimes we love it, because it’s just this different kind of holiday which you can even choose to cherish or ignore.  Therefore sometimes social situations come up where you need to act out of line with what you truly believe and come up with a “romantic” gesture, a “kitschy” small present or the “spontaneous” idea to grab the most “flowery” drink at the perfect bar, located in the most scenic spot. […]

Day Trips from Vienna – Krems an der Donau


Krems is a  clash between young & hip and historical & traditional Austria. The student town is located right next to the Danube, about 80km northwest of Vienna. If you’re looking to explore the white wine region of Lower Austria and combine the experience with a little culture further off the beaten track museums in Vienna – Krems might just be the place to visit. Also, the traditional “Heurigen” culture with delicious Austrian food draws many people towards the countryside west of Vienna. End your day with a walk along the Danube at sunset and a white-wine-drink at one of the hip places. […]

Easy Guide for Building a Digital Scratch Map with Mapbox & TileMill


In this blog post we are going to have a look at how we can digitally depict where we have traveled – basically a digital scratch map, which can be used and modified for different purposes. From using the map as a PNG or PDF file to embedding it as an interactive map on your website. As it’s still hard to give a real insight in where you’ve traveled without being dependent on a certain tool, I’m going to show you how to make a very basic map, marking places you’ve traveled to and visited using Mapbox and their awesome tool TileMill. […]

Yay! Here are the miavia Student Challenge Winners

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Today it’s my honor to announce the Top 10 Travel Boxes of the miavia Student Challenge. After a hazardous review process by our expert jury, we have a final decision! At this point we would also like to thank to our jury, who used their expertise in different fields to come to this final ranking! Travel Photographer: Thomas Straubinger  Travel Blogger: Doris Neubauer  Die Presse Journalist: Christoph Schwarz  Social Media Expert: Astrid Wecht  Author: Sabine Maier Also, many thanks to Austrian Airlines, as well as Die Presse, for making this Student Challenge happen and for providing kick-ass prizes for our miavia travelers. […]

Machu Picchu: De-touristing a tourist destination


The “Lost City of the Incas” is one of the most frequented sights in South America due to its enormous importance to the Incan Empire, which reigned for about 100 years under different emperors. Their history brought up many myths which evolve around the the Virgins of the Sun the Sun Gate & guinea pigs. Yes, guinea pigs. Still, many backpackers leave out Machu Picchu because of the comparably high cost to even get there. This blog post will show ways to get off the grid on your way to the touristy Inca ruins. […]

Language Hacks – learn anything in any language


Because understanding locals makes your travel experience so much better. “So the bus is going where?” “There?” “Now? No? Later?” “When?” Does that seem familiar? Standing at a bus station in a foreign country, gesticulating to find out where and when your very much needed transportation mode is leaving. It is kind of the same experience as standing at a market and ordering [random number shown with your fingers] of that “thing” you just pointed at vigorously, which in total costs an amount you wouldn’t even dare to ask, because how on earth would you understand the answer to “How much?”. […]

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