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The 3 fastest ways to transfer photos from GoPRO or DSLR cameras onto your phone or tablet

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You also take a lot of photos not with your phone or tablet but with cameras and then have to transfer them afterwards to upload them on journi? No problem, we show you the three fastest ways how to do this. 1. Use your built-in Wifi Most of the newer cameras already come with build-in [...]

Why do we fail to remember our travels?

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Traveling can be seen as something really beautiful and extraordinary in our lives. The feeling of freedom, exciting adventures, new cultures, exotic tastes, stunning nature, … This is why we want to preserve these experiences and share it with friends and family. BUT… …let’s be honest and ask ourselves if we are willing to do more [...]

How to get more out of journi #1: Creating journis together

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Have you already tried creating journis together with friends to have all your memories in one common timeline? No? Then you should definitely try it out for your next travel experience. Just go to your trip's settings and there click on "people traveling with you" to allow friends creating journis together. This is especially great whenever [...]

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